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You are invited to send your full paper to the GMC2019 upon receiving abstract acceptance notification, you have to send your paper on or before the full paper submission deadline. The full paper must pass a double-blind peer review and if it is accepted by the reviewer, we will send you the full paper acceptance notification. Upon payment of the registration fee, your presentation will be confirmed.

The language of the conference is English. The papers to be presented in the conference should be original and contribute to the field. The abstract submitted should be grammar and spell-checked. Authors are responsible for all grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Full paper will be submitted through online submission module.

  • No titles should be used with author names.

  • Please indicate if the paper is supported by an institution and / or organization.

  • The submitted papers should be original. Paper published or presented previously will not be accepted,

  • If the submitted paper has been published in any magazine, please specify the masthead.

  • Names must be written only the first letters capitalized. Example: John Smith

  • Affiliation and address information must be stated. Example: Xxx University, Faculty of Xxx , Xxx Department, İstanbul/Turkey

  • When writing the title of the paper, only the first letters of the words must be capitalized (except for abbreviations). Example: Current Issues in Marine Technologies

  • If an abbreviation has to be used in the paper, the full name should be given in parentheses in the first mention.

  • Paper should include subheadings: aim, method, findings, and conclusion.

  • Abstract of paper should not include any references,

  • Citations in the study should be designed in brackets by numbering [1]. References also should be numbered in brackets as well.

  • The full paper should not exceed 5000 words. Maximum 10 attachments can be submitted. Longer papers are not accepted by the system. Limits have been determined to ensure a better evaluation by the referees.

  • Full Paper can be either directly written over relevant area in online submission system or added as attachment by using Full Paper Template. In both cases, figures and tables should also be listed and attached in accordance with templates.
  • Please check attachment examples before submitting your full paper, figures and tables through online submission system;



Best Paper Award
The best bulletin presented will be awarded.

JEMS Academic Journal
Articles which have potential of being printed in Journal of ETA Maritime Science will be determined through evaluations by the academic board. These articles will be uploaded by their authors to for review.

GMC2019 - List of topics;

  1. Technology;

    1. Port operations and technologies

    2. ​Naval architecture and offshore technologies

    3. Maritime technology management

    4. Innovative and emerging technologies in maritime transportation

    5. Maintenance systems & technologies in marine engineering

  2. ​Maritime transportation;

    1. Maritime transportation management

    2. Maritime logistics

    3. Maritime safety

    4. Maritime security

    5. ​Marine meteorology and oceanography

    6. ​Maritime economy

    7. Navigation

  3. Energy management;

    1. Energy efficiency management

    2. Green and smart shipping

    3. Alternative fuels and renewable energy in marine engineering

  4. Maritime-related issues;

    1. Best practices and new concepts in MET

    2. Standardization of maritime technologies

    3. Maritime Policy, Law and Governance

    4. Human factors in maritime transportation

    5. Gender Studies in Maritime Transportation

    6. Polar research

Conference Contact:
+90 216 395 4501 - 1116
Nevin Öztürk
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